2018 Entertainment & Presenters


Meet: Los Monstros

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Over the years the band played in various salsa and meringue bands, the members recognized their unique chemistry and decided to embark on a new musical journey together. One of the primary contributions to the originality of their sound is the fact that the lead singer is not even of Hispanic origin, and actually entered the world of Latin music as a meringue trumpet player.

Kyle nurtures his own love of singing, as well as his desire to create musical and cultural fusion by blending his own romantic vocal style, along with the unique personal musical styling’s of the rest of the band, together into a new expression of the most popular Latin music of today.

You will hear your favorite current hits, alongside of re-arrangements of classic songs from all genres ranging from popular American love songs to classic salsa, meringue, and even some pop music remixed in between, don’t forget the classic reggae standards (thus the nickname “Bachata Rasta”) in a way you’ve never heard them before!

This is a truly a unique listening experience, “Los Monstros” brings a fresh breath of life into your any event with their genuine love of musical presentation and unique desire to fully entertain their audience, no matter what the occasion!

Meet: The New Locals


The New Locals are a rock cover band based in central Pennsylvania. They’ve been playing together for 10 years, and some of the members have been playing together since they were in middle school. Their energetic versions of hits from the last 5 decades are sure to get crowds up and dancing.

They have a very busy schedule, playing in bars, weddings, fairs, private parties and every kind of

Meet: Ian Micheals


Ian Michaels pic

Ian Michaels is a BDSM educator in various fetishes.  Along with his wife, “Trophy Wife”, they have developed the Fetissage brand of workshops.  Ian was able to combine his background in massage therapy and his Master’s Degree in Exercise Science to produce unique sensual BDSM workshops.  Additionally, Ian has developed workshops geared towards his love of bondage.  Prior to becoming a BDSM educator, Ian taught at a post-secondary technical school.    Both Ian and Trophy Wife have had the privilege to teach at TesFest, Weekend of Wickedness, E-P-I-C, Studio 58, Paddles, The Kink Shoppe (Philadelphia), Feel Me Breathe, Weekend of Wickedness and many other venues.  Ian is also a semi-professional photographer, as evidenced by the photographs on his profile.


Ian is available for private instruction, as well as private group instruction.  Please feel free to send a Fet message to inquire about rates.


Meet: Ms Lady


Ms Lady 4

My name is Ms. Lady. Msl8eluck on Fetlife and SLS.  I am a ProDomme and the owner of Lady’s Wicked Playground and LWP venue in the Lehigh valley area . I host weekly parties at my venue, as well as other events, so don’t be a stranger to my profile if you want event updates and information.
Lady’s Wicked Playground is a growing community of friendly kinksters from all over. We are a private members club to ensure safety and anonymity of our guests. We take pride in being a little less protocol. Don’t get me wrong, I think there is nothing sexier then the high protocol relationship, but I know that not everyone has the time to do such. And that is what I created LWP for. For the moms and dads of today and the workers in life who just need a place to get away and not have any judgement. LWP is a fully on premise sex positive lifestyle club conveniently located near Allentown, Pennsylvania. This intimate setting is the perfect place to spend your Friday and Saturday nights with like minded kinksters enjoying private or public play areas. We offer 3 private rooms with different scenes in each to take you to another level of erotic intimacy and fantasy role play. For those who feel a little more risqué, join others just like you in our public play area which has multiple settings to choose from as well.
If you are interested in my services as a ProDomme, follow the 1st link below, and if you are interested in the events, classes or rentals of the playspace, follow the 2nd link below.


Past Entertainment and Performers


Meet: Beth Swank


Belly Dancer


Bethany Burlesque Umbrella-001

Bethany has been studying, performing and teaching the beautiful and ancient art of Belly Dance for over 14 years.  Through years of practice, experiences and extensive training Bethany has become a very respected Middle Eastern Dancer and Choreographer in Western New York State. Among the many belly dance classes, she teaches she also directs two Belly Dance Performance Troupes, Rasha’s Rhinestones Student Troupe and Bombshell Belly Dance Company. Expanding her dance repertoire, Bethany has also studied and performed Classical Burlesque Dance for over 10 years and teaches the art of Burlesque along with Belly Dance. She also created and directs the Pretty Kitties Burlesque Company, currently Rochester’s longest running Burlesque troupe.





Meet Brian


Flogger pic

Brian AKA Pyro Sadist has been in the scene for almost two decades. Brian is fairly well known as being a “bit off” and fascinated by fire As a child there were several fires of unexplained origin in his neighborhood that had nothing in common….except that Brian seemed to be always nearby with a bag of marshmallows and several books of matches.


To this day whenever there is a bonfire nearby onlookers say they frequently hear Brian cackling “Fire fire!” Apparently it is now known where that particular sound snippet from Bevis & Butthead came from. The men in the white coats have orders to keep him under surveillance and the gas stations near his house no longer fill up his gas cans.


Meet the Life Coaches: Sean & Michele Andersen

Sean & Michele pic

Sean & Michele Andersen are a 25+ year husband & wife life coaching & sex positive coaching team, expediting life transformational shifts in clients who are ready for positive change. For the past 16 years they have been exploring alternative sexual lifestyles and learning more about their own sexuality, such as what enhances it as well as what detracts from it. As a result of their open-mindedness and curiosity, they learned tools and techniques that have enhanced their communication and sexuality skills as well as their level of intimacy and connection as a couple. Excited to share this knowledge with others, they hosted a monthly Meetup discussion for 5 years called “Sex, Love & Relationships” allowing others to openly explore and share their questions, curiosities, and concerns in a non-judgmental, safe-space. They have found their sexual journey to be soul-nourishing along with finding community and connection, particularly in the lifestyle known as “swinging” (aka “The Lifestyle). Since 2011, they have served as a host couple at The Private Affair, their local lifestyle club, helping create a safe space for individuals and those in relationship to face their fears around sexuality and body image, challenge limiting sexual beliefs, identify boundaries and speak courageously and authentically.  They offer LIFESTYLE COACHING helping singles and those in relationship(s) learn how to navigate alternative lifestyle choices.   They have hosted educational workshops at Hedonism II, The Private Affair Lifestyle Club, and at various lifestyle conventions, as well as at the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Summit.  They now serve on the Woodhull Sexual Freedom Advisory Council.  Michele is also a Reiki Practitioner and Meditation Teacher offering energy-based modalities to clients for greater holistic balance of the mind, body & spirit.

Their sex-positive mission is to be the light of consciousness that liberates EVERYONE to step into their own personal version of sexual expression. Their vision for this planet is seeing a world where each individual feels empowered and at peace to be their authentic, sexual-self, thereby releasing the need to judge others for embracing theirs. For more information on Sean & Michele, go to:

www.SexPositiveCoaching.com or www.ForAllSeasonsLifeCoaching.com.


Meet: Jodie


Jodie, LMT, AMTA, graduated from Baltimore School of Massage in 2006. Then I attended a 2-year program at the PA School of Spiritual Healing. I continue my studies in Eastern Medicine and hold certifications in Reiki II, Chakra Healing, Thai Massage, Integrated Reflexology, Essential Oils, and Hot Stone. I combine a variety of modalities to serve my clients with respect, love and kindness. I see myself as a vessel that nurtures transformation, providing a safe container in which clients will peel back their outer layers allowing their true radiance to emerge.

See more at: http://www.zerostressmassage.com/about-me#sthash.NyIQbQLK.dpuf

Meet: Dominare Drago


With over twenty years in the “Kink Community” Dominare Drago returns again this year to Erotic Fantasies and will be presenting three seminars over the weekend that are focused on enhancing the sexual experience of couples, partners, threesomes and more-somes. Originally from New York City Drago was first attracted to Kink in the BDSM Dungeons such as The Vault, Hellfire and Paddles. While working an emergency room he was fascinated by the erotic potential of many medical devices and the strange sensation he felt looking into the eyes of a masked surgical nurse. From there he learned from some of the most experienced kinkster’s he could find including Uncle Abdul the author of the definitive book on electric play. Dominare Drago is a past presenter at numerous events including Entice, Boston Fetish Flea, TES Fest (NYC), Black Rose (Wash D.C.), Beat Me in St Louis and Dreams to Reality in Omaha.

He will also be offering private sessions, please feel free to contact him at DominareDrago@aol.com


Meet: Jo

01 jo

Jo identifies as a polyamorous submissive.  She has been very active in the local community for over a decade. She served as an RKS Board Member, the On-site Art Coordinator for REAF, and Dungeon Coordinator for Exotic Fantasies.  She has been the demo-bottom for and co-presented with some national presenters at local and national events.  As a demo bottom for a variety of classes including knife play, whips, micro-branding, sutures, fire play and fire flogging, she is been able to offer attendees the “bottom’s” insight.  During her years of service through volunteering, she has had the opportunity to learn from many people. She began presenting as another way to give back to the community by sharing experiences, passing on knowledge, and honoring those who taught her.  She presents discussion based classes on a variety of topics including negotiation and consent, polyamory, service, along with a few hands-on workshops.




Meet: Mistress Orchid

Mistress Orchid has a biology degree and has taught such concepts for years. After over 10 years of formally teaching science and mating behavior, she decided to live authentically and open up a BDSM toy business. She now travels the world educating about science and sex to a more fun crowd.

Meet: Mark

MarkDominant/Top/Educator & Vendor. Active participant in the NYC, Long Island BDSM Community since 1982.Owner of BBW Creations on FETLIFE.COM and DOCWAXMAN.COM. Specializing in the construction of custom made wooden toys, BDSM Equipment/Furniture and Wax-Play candles and supplies. Many years experience in several different BDSM Disciplines including: Impact Play, Spanking, Sensation play and Sensory Deprivation play, Wax Play and Sensual Body Painting


Meet: DJ A’Don

A’Don is the most requested wedding/party DJ in the Southern Tier of New York. This is where he picked up all the dance moves. He currently serves as the official DJ for the Catwalk Fantasies Group and you might have seen him at the Winefest, Hedonism or other Lifestyle Events. A’Don and his wife Michelle have been in the lifestyle for the last five years. He will be teaching you all the latest moves and no one will leave with two left feet.