2018 Seminars

Tantric Erogenous Zones
Presented by: Michaels & Johnson

“Tantric sex” often involves building and prolonging arousal. The Tantric, Tamil Siddha, and Ayurvedic traditions have long recognized specific zones of the body that are particularly responsive to stimulation, and systematically stimulating these zones can help produce high states of arousal. This system was introduced by Dr. Jonn Mumford in 1976 and is still little known. In this workshop, we will introduce you to to these zones and the basic principles for working with them systematically.

Chakras and Sexuality
Presented by: Michaels & Johnson
The basic aspects of the classical chakra system are familiar to many, but some of the lesser-known components can be very effective for exploring your inner world and enhancing your pleasure. You don’t have to believe in the physical reality of the chakras to use them as tools for sensual exploration.

Massage Cupping
Presented by: Brad

The seminar goals are to learn basic cupping techniques and get comfortable with performing the cupping techniques, with the option to experience the cupping yourself. This is a massage modality that you will find is both easy to learn and highly beneficial. A few of the many benefits of cupping include: the removal of toxins and stagnant chi, improved blood flow to the area, cupping releases tight and obdurate muscular ischemia (knots), and helps loosen tight fascia. We will be using plastic suction cups, no flame or glass cupping will be involved. Contraindications, placement of cups and duration of cupping will all be discussed and explored. This ancient and holistic practice could be a tool for you and your partner, helping you both to sustain optimal health.

Lap Dance for Couples
Presented by: Pretty Kitties

Bring your partner for this saucy hands-on class and learn together the skills that are used to entice your lover and how your lover and be a supportive “Lap” and take cues from the dancer. Plus, fun role-playing dance combinations will be included for whatever type of “lap dance” mood you’re in.

The Art of Belly Dance
Presented by: Pretty Kitties

Beginner belly dance technique and combinations. Come learn this ancient and mysterious art form that’s veiled in sensuality and used for generations as a method of healing the body.  Workshop covers a little on the history of belly dance plus beginner level movements and its’ healing properties. Class ends with putting together basic moves for a combination to show off to your lover(s). Kitties will be dress in full cabaret belly dance attire with hip wraps for the guests to use during class.

Below are some of the 2017 seminars that were offered and a brief description


Product Demonstration
Presented by: System JO

System JO is one of the largest manufactures of adult products in the world. We offer over 100 products including personal lubricants, stimulants, herbal sexual enhancements, and many more items to excite your sensual experience. This class will provide information on all System JO products and will also be a guide to finding the best products for you. You will be able speak with a product expert about the experience of JO products and be a part of demonstrations. Come to see, feel, and taste everything that System Jo has to offer.


Here are some links to videos about JO products


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Bondage For Sex
Presented by: Ian Michaels

(Beginner) This workshop will primarily focus on using rope for sexual bondage. As time allows, we explore using pallet wrap, vet wrap or other items for bondage. No experience is required, but a healthy desire to have your partner restricted during sex is beneficial.


“Touch Me, Feel Me!” – Sensation Play Workshop
Presented by: Jo

This is an ALL hands on workshop examining a variety of ways to stimulate and even overwhelm the senses.  Primarily focusing on the sense of touch and feel, we will explore ways to excite and arouse your partner through a variety of sensations.  We will briefly discuss sensory deprivation and how to further enhance any play scene through the other senses of sight, sound, smell and even taste


“Swing into Kink” – An Intro to BDSM with a Comparison of Lifestyle Protocols.
Presented by: Jo


This is a discussion based classed that is a basic introduction to BDSM, while exploring the subtle and not so subtle differences of the Swinger and BDSM lifestyles. Basic etiquette for both lifestyle choices will be discussed as well as some protocols. Typical dungeon and play party etiquette will be also be explored.


Flogging Basics
Presented by: Drago

This class covers some of the various techniques which I use with floggers. Safety is emphasized throughout. Flogger construction and materials are discussed. Basic throws are discussed and demonstrated, including forward, reverse, crosshand, overhead, backhand. Patterns such as circular and Figure 8 are included. Two handed techniques including “Florentine” will be discussed. Positioning is emphasized. Balance and movement and how to integrate them into your scene is demonstrated.


Intro to Rope Play
Presented by: Ian Michaels

(Introductory) This workshop is for anyone that wants to begin playing with rope.  We will cover all safety issues and concerns, single column and double column ties.  We will also discuss how to use these building blocks to go onto more advanced ties.


“SWING-STYLE” Round Table Session
Presented by: Sean and Michele Andersen of Sex Positive Coaching

Join us for a zesty, interactive round table discussion with a variety of LIFESTYLE experts in the field…..YOU!   Lifestyle coaches, Michele & Sean Andersen (www.ForAllSeasonsLifeCoaching.com) will facilitate our circle by kicking off the session with their own personal, amusing and enlightening stories of their 16 years of “sexploration.” The “LIFESTYLE” is a generic term used for those in open relationships where sexual play may occur among consenting adults.  It is a way of living life with a new sense of sexual freedom and fun. But it can also be a new geographic territory with no road map and lots of obstacle courses.  This round table session allows us to come together as a “community” and share our tribal knowledge.  We can share what has worked, lessons-learned, and in this safe space, be vulnerable to ask for helpful insights.   This session is open to everyone regardless of partnership status.


Swinging 301: Female Bi-Sexuality for Couples & Single Ladies
Presented by: Sean and Michele Andersen of Sex Positive Coaching

What does it mean to identify as Bi-Sexual? Bi-Curious? Bi-Social? What types of sexual engagements are possible? Are there expectations? What are my boundaries and how do I communicate them? If applicable, what is the role of the male partner in the sexual encounter? How do I find partners and practice “safer sex”? Class is open to ladies and couples.


Eroticism (Demo)
Presented by: Ms Lady and Mistress Shari

I’ve created this “class” for a touch of everyone to “enjoy.”  Whether this whole lifestyle is new to you, or you have been in it for a long time and need some spice in things.  If you’re a seasoned player who likes it a little rough and want to learn how to soften it up a bit and bring it in the bedroom, then this is for you. If you are into the adult lifestyle but not so sure of the “kink lifestyle”, let me show you a view you may not have thought about before…

Eroticism, the quality that causes sexual feelings…. this quality may be found in many forms that some may not even think about or understand.  What works for one may not always work for another, and sometimes, you don’t know what you don’t know. So let me bring you into my world for a little and show you simply another way to bring some heat into the room.


Demystifying BDSM
Presented by: Ms Lady


A round table sort of workshop that allows you to bring your questions and concerns about the lifestyle to answers and knowledge. We ask if you have an anonymous question that you would like to ask, please write it on a small piece of paper before the class and place it in the basket as you walk in.  We will answer questions from the audience as well as anonymous questions from those more shy. Believe us when we say, if you have the questions in your head, so does someone else.

**Allergy Warning**

Please Note – Liquid Latex will be used during this class. Those with a latex allergy please be advised and use necessary precautions.  Cross contamination will be avoided as best possible.  Non Latex paint will be available and used during class as well. 


Dancing with Flame – Fireplay
Presented by: Brian

Fireplay is definitely edge play, for anything with fire is implicitly dangerous. But I have found that fireplay has a sensual eroticism and art to it that so many can relate to. Who among us hasn’t sat transfixed gazing into a fire’s light. And to feel and witness that same sensual flow of warm flame across our bodies, lapping over, then passing and leaving only a warm lingering touch. No experience is necessary for this class; some practice materials will be available for use. Technique, safety, and sensual/art/erotic applications will be gone over in this class. Even if you might not think it’s quite your thing, you might be surprised by the sensual beauty and artistry of the flame.


Forced Orgasms and Orgasm Control
Presented by: Mistress Orchid

Nothing is more hot than power exchange with your orgasm! Come to this class and learn new and fun techniques to control orgasms and methods to force orgasms. Both mind control and physical tools will be discussed. Wand vibrators, lube, your fingers, and so much more will be explored! Come and have a good time!

Kinky Yoga/Yoga for Sex/Yoga for Play
Presented by: Mistress Orchid

Get the most out of your play time! Do some fun yoga that is specifically designed for sex and kink play. Open your hips for sexy time, and your shoulders for play time! Easy modifications will be provided for the first timer. The class is intended for the novice (even if disabilities are present) all the way to the experienced yogi! Bring a mat or large towel, a strap and/or hand towel, and water. Tie your hair back and get ready for a good time!


Electric Sensation Play – From Mild to Wild
Presented by: Dominare Drago with Lacy

Known to many who attend Erotic Fantasies as simply THE WAND ! Each year I look forward to teaching this workshop to as many people as I can and I am electrified by its recent popularity. The Violet wand has been around for over 100 years and appears to have been a favorite “beauty” product used by housewives in the early 1900’s. (Hmmm maybe its popularity isn’t all that recent).

The workshop will start with a brief review of the history and the critical science behind electricity required to assure safe play with the Violet Wand. We will move to a demonstration of the Violet Wand itself and a wide array of equipment that can be added to make this your favorite toy in the bedroom or the dungeon. Volunteers will be provided an opportunity to experience the tantalizing tingle of the wand and usually a few ooo’s, ahhhh’s and requests to “not stop” will be witnessed. I encourage attendees to bring their questions and their electric toys to my workshop, everyone will be encouraged participate in the “sensation sharing” that always spontaneously lights up the room at the end of my workshops.

Tens unit will also be covered in this class


Plastic Wrap Suspension
Presented by: Ian Michaels

(Introductory) What is plastic/shrink wrap? How is it used in BDSM and suspensions?  This workshop will provide participants with the knowledge needed to begin playing with plastic wrap.  It will demonstrate how to create a chest harness, hip harness or a body harness.  It will also demonstrate how to safely suspend a bottom using plastic wrap.  The workshop will include a step-by-step demonstration going from the ground to the air.

Breast and Nipple Bondage
Presented by: Ian Michaels

(Intermediate) Breast bondage typically refers to using rope or another material to squeeze, press or alter the appearance of the breasts. This type of bondage can be used to either enhance the appearance of the breasts or it can provide a feeling of confinement. This can be used on female or male breasts.


Couples Massage
Presented by: Jodie

This class will allow you to indulge in a massage with your sweetie. Learn how to give a relaxing
30-minute massage, without tiring and without a sore hand in sight! Easy instructions guide you
through step-by-step from applying oil and warming up muscles to working knots and deep
tissue massage, the way the experts do it. (Wear comfortable clothes and bring pillows and bring a blanket for comfort)

Offering private therapeutic massage sessions: 90 min $100, 60 min $70, and 30 min $35.
Text 717-916-7471 to set up appointment.



While we try our best to keep you updated and informed on the seminars that are going to be offered, this may only be a partial list and is subject to change.